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I think my fibre line might just be a little fucked

2.5s ping to the next hop

Tschunk with granat is the best Tschunk and I will not be hearing otherwise

OH: “Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik (Trap Mix)”

I curled up for five minutes and suddenly it’s 7pm

OH: "it's as if you colo'd your identity card with Google"

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@q turns out many of the fights in this world are year or decade long fights fought to obtain a piece of paper

As a...
- gay person
- autistic person
I want to...
- get PrEP without having to phone someone
So that...
- I do not have to stress about phone calls

I think I have made all the phone calls I need to today, this means... TIME FOR JR EAST SIMULATOR

For all the work I put in I feel I should get something just a tiny bit fancier

at least I have it now, at last!

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malls are like elder scrolls dungeons:

guarded by generic enemies
boxes you can lockpick for loot
sometimes serve as a hideout for bandits that will attack you on sight
often built by a lost civilization
helps if you know magic
you go in a broad circle to find out the thing you wanted is right by the door you used to enter
vape kiosks in the middle of the hallway

funny conversation from the hackerspace last night
me: aaaah why don't I have IPv6
others: idk, guess we don't have it
me: fine then time to get an ASN for the space, who's our DSL line with
others: AA
me: ah great they'll do BGP *submits RIPE ticket*

a few moments later: wait AA and we don't have v6???

watching how to sell drugs online fast and my brain just switched off from the subtitles for a minute before going "wait what no they're speaking German I can't understand that, that's why I was watching the subtitles"

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love hanging out with queer people who like to dress like they're the protagonist they're all 100% correct btw

The toot button on Welsh mastodon is very aesthetic pleasing. friend shaped diacritics


As much as I resent Christmas stuff now I’m very happy I can now buy Lebkuchen in Lidl

I now get to discover how special section D interacts with HMRC AML supervision

I'm not looking forward to this

TIL you can connect an on-prem HSM to Google Cloud PKCS#11

I probably know half the people who'd actually have a use for this

"best infodump ever"

that's going on the CV

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