Finally got round to hanging up art I got at RIPE84

(yes I know that was May, I’ve been doing an ADHD)

Oh fuck yeah local sainsbury’s has ramune now

COSHH non compliance in my flat seems to increase with time

probably shouldn’t just leave these out on my bed

library was out of a textbook so they printed and bound a new copy for me

this greatly satisfies my appreciation for hardbacks

oh the DB shenanigans from last night accidentally ended up in my Apple Music library

Convenient if I ever unexpectedly need “Achtung! Achtung!” at a random time I guess

Advantages of being a Nominet registrar: its very easy to get back domains someone who's long left UoA owned; and finally set it to the be registered to AUCS not some random person

I’m having far too much fun with homeassistant

Once again reminded of the ceiling Bob Ross at Bitlair

“are you sure you’re not German”

My friends may have a point.

this is why I shouldn't be allowed access to practical law, I now have pages of stuff to throw at RIPE to show them wrong

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Happy to report that Tschunk is going down well with new friends

My credit file now has this incredibly spicy notice on it, excellent


I attached the EUAA to the ticket, are you blind???

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