If people request parmesan on their pasta, but you're not putting any, you're a persona non grata.

stop trying to do things, they're bad. we should instead not do anything because that's better

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Anyone got some cohost.org invites going spare? I would like one (1)

Me: raises an issue about v6 incompatibilities that can be easily solved
This fucking guy:

OH: "you're the perfect fit however you're such a perfect fit you're a conflict of interest for more than one party"

"I think this ties neatly into what I was tentatively calling our Cisgender Outreach Programme, or COP"

followed by "everyone's been looking forward to the minecraft server"

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during a meeting: "you do not, under any circumstances, have to give it to the french government"

current status: called KLM and got accidentally transferred to Air France, and they can't transfer me back

#TIL Unlike ISO and IEC standards, most ITU standards are free to the public! All ITU-T Recommendations are published at itu.int/rec/T-REC/en You can find all the familiar names: V.92, X.25, X.509, or H.264 (800 pages) There are even epub files for some new documents. #electronics

I cutover DNS servers on prod and none of my monitoring went off

can I get a pat on the back please, that was stressful

disney+ has just really pissed me off

I have subtitles turned off, but in this programme they force them on for the people talking English but with an Indian accent, despite them being perfectly understandable

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