Finally got round to hanging up art I got at RIPE84

(yes I know that was May, I’ve been doing an ADHD)

Mastodon crossposter strikes again, you can guess what that was supposed to be

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Got a letter from Verisign regarding the “transition” .TV and the contact email is

The possibility for memes is endless

OH (from a very cis guy): “so I have to learn rust for work, I expect my delivery of cat ears and oestrogen next week”

He may not be cis for much longer…

Totally didn’t just set the fire alarm off with my cooking

Apologies to everyone else in the building

Oh fuck yeah local sainsbury’s has ramune now

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for me it's the other way actually, I got into Rust because I'm trans

COSHH non compliance in my flat seems to increase with time

probably shouldn’t just leave these out on my bed

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library was out of a textbook so they printed and bound a new copy for me

this greatly satisfies my appreciation for hardbacks

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family member: "you should make a appointment at a barber, any more of this and you'll look like a girl"

me: "oh yeah you might have a point there"

“I hope you’ve all had your stimulants of choice this morning; legal or otherwise” based lecturer

Discussing pounds shillings pence and lysergic acid diethylamide in the same conversation quickly gets confusing

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abolish horny jail, abolish the horny carceral system, and abolish the horny industrial complex

I wake up and sterling is suddenly $1.05, fucking hell

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flirting with girls by sending them recommendations for D&B albums

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